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Space Riot 2 Preview

I’m trying to finish up the second issue of Space Riot before CALA (and before I start drawing my upcoming graphic novel “Ruffains”). Below is a preview of the first three pages. There is a bunch of goofy shit and unexpected turns in the next issue so I’m really excited to finish it up and get it out there!

“Ruffians”, Future Graphic Novel

I’ve been writing so much lately I decided to take a break yesterday and draw. I drew this teaser image (below) for my upcoming graphic novel, “Ruffians!”. Ruffians! will be released online, with one page posted every Monday through Thursday, starting January 2015. I’ll be posting more preview images and revealing a bit about the story over these next couple months.


SlyChum Poster

Here is a poster I made for the comedy duo SlyChum. Their first show is August 31st in Los Angeles and I’m really excited for them! I was lucky enough to see a rehearsal of the show and I can say it is very funny and unique. Check out their facebook for more info: facebook.com/slychum

Subcultures Comic Anthology

Check out this preview from my 7-page comic in “Subcultures: A Comic Anthology” coming this fall from Ninth Art Press! The anthology has a really amazing line-up of cartoonists who have created short comics on a variety of subcultures. Grab it from SPX this year!

Lök Zine #05

My comic “Asher & Felix” was published in Lök Zine all the way from Italy! This is my first comic published outside of the U.S.. You can see the Italian translation at the bottom of the page. All the comics in it are really cool, definitely worth checking out. [Buy Here]

Awkward Quarterly #4

Hey dudes! You guys can all stop fasting in protest, the fourth issue of “The Awkward Quarterly” is finally here!!! This comic zine is black and white, 20 pages, and only 3 bucks. Check out The Awkward Quarterly #4 in my Etsy shop!


Aaron Whitaker is a cartoonist, artist, and screenwriter living in Los Angeles. He is the author of the graphic novel, "The City Troll", and the comic series, "The Awkward Quarterly".

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