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Tetris Stomach

4 Responses to Tetris Stomach

  • Omnious Observer says:

    The idea is excellent, but I am sad to observe that some pieces in his stomach are not tetrominos, but seemingly composed of one to three squares.

  • Aaron says:

    Thanks, but those one and three piece blocks are remnants from previous line scores. When you get a complete line only the parts of the tetris blocks that are in that line disappear and the rest of the block is left behind.

  • Kimberly O says:

    Hilarious (and I suspect is actually what happens in my stomach…I knew all those hours of Tetris-playing in my youth would come in handy someday).

  • Aaron says:

    Great concept and even funnier because my name is also Aaron and I happen to have a Tetris-based digestive system as well. Small world!

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