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Aaron Whitaker was born in Portland, OR where he started his autobiographical comic series “The Awkward Quarterly”. In 2010 he moved to Austin, TX and drew his first graphic novel, “The City Troll”. Currently, he lives with his girlfriend in Los Angeles where he is working on an animated kid’s show and writing his next book, “Ruffians”.

Say hi! Email me at aaronleck(at)gmail.com

Complete List of Work

  • Anthology: “Lök Zine #06”
  • “Globes”
  • Anthology: “Subcultures”
  • Anthology: “Lök Zine #05”
  • “The Awkward Quarterly #4”
  • Anthology: “Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends”
  • Anthology: “Roughhouse #1”
  • “The Awkward Quarterly #3”
  • “Space Riot #1: on Food Planet”
  • “The Awkward Quarterly #2”
  • “The City Troll”
  • “Batcave Beach #1” illustrated by Melinda Boyce
  • “The Awkward Quarterly #1”
  • Anthology: “Stumptown Underground”
  • “Future Ghost”
  • “Okay? Okay!” with Melinda Boyce

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Aaron Whitaker is a cartoonist living in Los Angeles. He is the author of the graphic novel, "The City Troll", and the comic, "Globes".

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