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Tetris Stomach

How to make your girlfriend jealous

How to Party

How to Party by Aaron Whitaker

Mope Day

Mope Day - Aaron Whitaker


How To Get A Haircut

Good Use Of Time

– Sam Spina did a comic re-cap of APE which is cool and Melinda and I made a little appearance in: spinadoodles.blogspot.com/2012/10/ape-trip.html
– Jason Poland posted the cover of his upcoming comic book “The Flying Castle”, it looks cool: robbieandbobby.com/the-flying-castle-book-update/
– I’m listening to this stream of Luke Lalonde’s (of Born Ruffians) new album on soundcloud and it’s pretty good: soundcloud.com/lukelalonde/sets/rhythymnals

L.A. Life

APE went great.  I wish I would have had Space Riot Issue 1 done for it, but oh well, it will be done soon enough.  We moved into our new place in L.A. and life has never been so busy for me!  There is so much I need to accomplish.  Plus I’ve decided to start doing a diary comic to document my time here.  My life may actually be interesting for once.  Let’s see how long I actually keep this up!


Aaron Whitaker is a cartoonist living in Los Angeles. He is the author of the graphic novel, "The City Troll", and the comic, "Globes".

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