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Monster with 21 Faces

Here is a preview from my comic in the upcoming Hic & Hoc anthology, “Unknown Origins & Untimely Deaths: A Collection of Unsolved Mysteries” coming out in February. My comic is called “The Monster with 21 Faces” and is about the true story of a terrorist group that harassed Japanese candy companies in the 80s.

Learn more about Unknown Origins & Untimely Deaths: A Collection of Unsolved Mysteries.

Bacon Social

Alternative Press Expo • San Francisco • Oct 13 & 14

I’ll be tabling at APE this weekend! If you are in San Francisco you should stop on by and say hi. I will be at the Gingham Ghost table #807. I will have some old zines, The City Troll, and maybe some original art.

I Moved to Los Angeles & Other News

If you’re wondering why there was a sudden lack of new comics, it’s because Melinda and I moved into Los Angeles. So far we really like it here. As soon as we get settled we will be back pumping out comics like never before!

Melinda and I will be in San Francisco on Oct 13-14 for APE this year! We are tabling with our awesome cartoonist friend William Cardini. Come say hi! It’s going to be a really awesome show.

A couple more “The City Troll” reviews

One over on the Austin Chronicle Blog:

So this is a thumbs-up we’re giving the first big issue from Whitaker. It’s partly a geezerly thumbs-up along the lines of “This kid’s going places, I tell ya – he’s got spunk, he’s got the moxie!” (Oh, we’re old, man; we’re so old now.)  (read more)

And another at Cammy’s Comic Corner:

So if you’re looking for something on the other side of the superhero spectrum and enjoy independent works and slice-of-life stories, I highly recommend you check out The City Troll by Aaron Whitaker. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next, but whatever it is, I’ll definitely back it if it’s on Kickstarter. (read more)


Very kind review from Rob Clough

Rob Clough reviewed my graphic novel, “The City Troll”.

Aaron Whitaker breathes new life into the sad-sack loser/slice-of-life genre with his long-form debut, The City Troll. With page after page of simple, expressive art that emphasizes gesture, movement and body language, Whitaker skillfully moves his characters through a love triangle plot with a number of hilarious and moving twists and turns.

Read more

Space Riot 10 & 11 (Free Comic Book Day Bonus!)

It’s free comic book day so I thought I would post a double bonus of Space Riot. Make sure to visit your favorite local comic book shop and support them today. If you’re in Portland find the free copies of “Runner Runner” put out by Tugboat Press and “Brat Trip” put out by Sparkplug Comics. Both are amazing! Also I heard there is a free Jeffrey Brown Comic and signing at Quimby’s in Chicago. Wish I could go to that!

Read SPACE RIOT from the beginning

Stumptown Comic Fest in Portland, OR

I’ll be in Portland, OR for the STUMPTOWN COMIC FEST this weekend with Melinda Tracy Boyce. We’d love for you to come say hi.

We’ll have copies of:
– The Melinderly #1 (brand new!)
– The City Troll (brand new!)
– AOA #1
– Awkward Quarterly #2 (brand new!)
– Awkward Quarterly #1
– Future Ghost


Aaron Whitaker is a cartoonist living in Los Angeles. He is the author of the graphic novel, "The City Troll", and the comic, "Globes".

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