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The City Troll

“The City Troll” is the new graphic novel by Aaron Whitaker.
The City Troll is tells the story of Paul and his self-hating alter ego, a black oozy creature he calls the City Troll.  This graphic novel floats between a surreal world where Paul wallows in his own self-pity and the real world where he tackles a love triangle, jealousy, his distancing relationship with his father and his confrontation with his abusive mother.

180 pages
6″ x 9″
B & W

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What people are saying about “The City Troll”:

” There’s a lot to chew on in this book, which is filled with funny and true-to-life dialogue, odd situations and characters who take on a life of their own. It’s one of the more impressive debuts I’ve seen from a young cartoonist, and I’m excited to see what Whitaker chooses to do next.”
– Rob Clough (read more)

“So this is a thumbs-up we’re giving the first big issue from Whitaker. It’s partly a geezerly thumbs-up along the lines of “This kid’s going places, I tell ya – he’s got spunk, he’s got the moxie!” (Oh, we’re old, man; we’re so old now.)”
– Austin Chronicle (read more)

“This is a hell of a story and here’s hoping it gets some serious attention in the coming months.”
– Optical Sloth (read more)

“The City Troll is an emotional powerful graphic novel. Aaron Whitaker uses fable, visual metaphors, and realistic dialogue to portray an inner journey that will resonate with anyone who has seen something loathsome staring back at themselves in the mirror and yearned for some kind of redemption.”
– Mark P Hensel, hypercastle.com

“The City Troll is a modern myth written with charm and honesty. There’s an uncanny familiarity about Whitaker’s characters; their friendships are blissful and mired, and totally trill. It’s surprising this is Whitaker’s first graphic novel, he writes with a keen observation of human behavior. I also like how he draws noses.”
– Jason Poland, robbieandbobby.com

“So if you’re looking for something on the other side of the superhero spectrum and enjoy independent works and slice-of-life stories, I highly recommend you check out The City Troll by Aaron Whitaker. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next”
Cammy’s Comic Corner (read more)




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Aaron Whitaker is a cartoonist living in Los Angeles. He is the author of the graphic novel, "The City Troll", and the comic, "Globes".

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